Strategic and Community Partners

American Indian Youth Running Strong, Nationwide
A sister organization of Christian Relief Services, working to alleviate poverty and increase the standard of living for American Indians across the country.

Billy Hooton Memorial United Methodist Church
, Oklahoma
Christian Relief Services has long partnered with the American Indian congregation Billy Hooton Memorial United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City to feed the hungry.Chadron Native American Center, Nebraska
Located in rural Chadron, Nebraska the Chadron Native American Center works to alleviate hunger among Native Americans in the remote area of Chadron.

Cheyenne River Youth Project, South Dakota
This important program, located on the Cheyenne River Reservation provides innovative youth programming and family services, also serves as a grassroots initiative tailored to meet the needs of its community.

Community Food Banks of South Dakota
In Rapid City, the Community Food Banks of South Dakota provides food to thousands of people who need it most.

Eagle Butte Food Pantry, South Dakota
Christian Relief Services’ Eagle Butte Food Pantry on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation provides wholesome food to Indian children and their families on the reservation.

Many Waters Ministry, New Mexico
A ministry for the American Indians and is located on the border of the Navajo Indian Reservation in the San Juan River Valley in New Mexico. Christian Relief Services works with Many Waters to help provide food to American Indians is this area.

Norman First American United Methodist, Oklahoma
Christian Relief Services contributes to Norman’s monthly food program.

Slim Buttes Agricultural Development Program, Nebraska
Christian Relief Services supports Slim Buttes Agriculture Development gardening program.

Parshall Resource Center, North Dakota
A drug and alcohol halfway house open to the public. The center provides residential short-term treatment and residential long-term care and has special programs for persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, pregnant and postpartum women, men, and criminal justice groups.


Americans Helping Americans®, Nationwide
Americans Helping Americans® works to alleviate extreme poverty in Appalachia through fostering community development and self-help programs, as well as providing grants for emergency heat, food, school supplies, and other essential items. In more urban areas, Americans Helping Americans® works with low income housing communities to reduce resident isolation, build neighbor relations, address the needs of residents, provide positive self-improvement opportunities and promote resident pride in their community.

Americans Helping Americans in Appalachia, West Virginia
A project of Americans Helping Americans®, Christian Relief Services provides monthly shipments of holiday supplies, hygiene items, food, coats, clothing, and school supplies.

Appalachian Region Mission, Kentucky
Located in Harlan County, Appalachian Region Mission partners with Christian Relief Services to provide food, household items, and many more items to help people in need.

The Family and Children’s Trust Fund of Virginia
Since 1986, the Family and Children’s Trust Fund (FACT) has worked to prevent and treat family violence in Virginia. Family Violence includes child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse and neglect, dating violence, and suicide.

Good Shepherd Housing, Virginia
Good Shepherd Housing works to provide housing alternatives for people struggling to find properties. It also works to provide emergency housing for people facing eviction, and financial education for low-income families and individuals.

Heaven’s Grocery Store, District of Columbia
Christian Relief Services provides monthly donations of hygiene items, new toys, food, new coats, and school supplies to this non-profit grocery store located in Washington, DC.

Jesus House Ministries, Virginia
Christian Relief Services provides shipments of school supplies to Jesus House in Arlington, Virginia.

Never Say Never Ministries, District of Columbia
In connection with its urban ministry, Christian Relief Services partners with Never Say Never Ministries in Washington, DC to provide hygiene items, new coats, and school supplies.

Prayer Mission Outreach, District of Columbia
Christian Relief Services provides school supplies, hygiene items, and new toys.

Western Fairfax Christian Ministries, Virginia
A human resources ministries in Fairfax County, Western Fairfax Christian Ministries works to combat hunger and homeless in the county.


Alpha Foundation, Sierra Leone
Located in Sierra Leone’s capital city of Freetown, the Alpha Foundation is at the forefront of rebuilding Sierra Leone, which is still recovering from a brutal civil war in the 1990s. Christian Relief Services partners with Alpha on many education, health and medicine, relief efforts, and community development projects.

Bread and Water for Africa, International
Christian Relief Services’ sister organization, located in Virginia, Bread and Water for Africa® works with grassroots organizations across Africa to help foster long-term, positive change.

Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO), Sierra Leone
Located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, but with projects throughout much of the country, FHDO works daily to provide health care, education and agricultural development opportunities to promote self-sufficiency among local communities. Christian Relief Services is proud to partner with them in their good work.

Friend Ship Unlimited, Honduras
Christian Relief Services partners with Friend Ships to help the poor people of Honduras to hope for a better future. In partnership with Friend Ships, shipments of tools are sent.

International House of Mercy, Democratic Republic of Congo
Christian Relief Services partners with the International House of Mercy to help people coping with the violence and turmoil that are too often a daily fact of life for the people of the Congo. Christian Relief Services sends regular shipments of medical supplies, clothes, tools, and hygiene items to the International House of Mercy.

Trinity Ministries, Mexico
Christian Relief Services partners with Trinity Ministries to help alleviate the suffering of the poor and needy of Piedras Negras through shipments of new clothing, hygiene items, and toys.