Our Projects

American Indian Programs

Running Strong for American Indian Youth

Christian Relief Services and its affiliate, Running Strong for American Indian Youth, are working to change this through providing American Indian communities with food, water, basic relief, emergency assistance and support services for needy youth and their families including programs fostering self-reliance.

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Domestic Relief/Self Help

Americans Helping Americans in Appalachia

Since 1985, Christian Relief Services has done all it can to help alleviate poverty across America.Through our affiliate, Americans Helping Americans®, we provide emergency assistance, school supplies, new shoes, new coats, new blankets, hygiene items, monthly and supplemental food, food pantry repair, home repair, or assistance with youth enrichment projects.

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Housing Programs


Providing affordable housing units allowing individuals and families a place to live which is within their means as well as within commuting distance to their workplace. Breaking the cycle of homelessness through supportive and transitional housing and providing a variety of residential settings to increase independence for people living with disabilities.

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International Programs

Bread and Water for Africa

For over 20 years we have worked to raise the standard of living in other countries, primarily in Africa, but also in Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Lithuania. We do this by supporting grassroots initiatives and hospitals by providing food, medicine, medical supplies, medical re-agents, clean water, education, vocational training, literacy and agricultural assistance.

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Domestic Violence Assistance

Safe Places

Safe Places is a 24-month transitional housing program serving families throughout Fairfax County, Virginia who are homeless as a result of domestic violence. Program participants are involved in weekly or bi-weekly case management sessions, or home visits. These meetings focus on budgeting, permanent housing searches and the overall goal of obtaining self-sufficiency.

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