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"As President and CEO of UWNCA, I am humbled by the opportunity to help those served by the Foundation pour les Enfants d'Haiti where...
25 years of good works

A Recap of 2009: Dear Friends, This year, Christian Relief Services celebrates its 25th year of service. Over the years, we have been joining...
Dave Frank (Warehouse Manager) and Beth Tessema sorting out school supplies to be shipped to Kabwata- Zambia

July 29, 2009 - Foster Folly News  For decades, charities have helped Appalachian children experience the simple joys that most kids take for granted....
Megan Carter and Sheree Lane of Christian Relief Services distribute information and recruit runners for a fundraising marathon during a recent Non-Profit Tuesday at the Arlington location. District Busboys stores provide low-cost rental space for nonprofits' events.

June 16, 2009 - Christian Relief Services' staff featured in THE WASHINGTON TIMES' Citizen Journal
New shoes to chidren without

(continued) Families living on American Indian Reservations and in Appalachia --a region extending from New York to Mississippi --face extreme poverty. It's...
Holiday Distributions

Christmas 2008-    Our partners were hard at work this holiday season bringing holiday cheer to American Indian youth across the country. A total of 3,520 toys...
food deliveries

Christian Relief Services, in partnership with Americans Helping Americans®, believes in giving a hand up not a hand out. We assist men, women and children...