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“Christian Relief Services® has been doing good work for more years than I can remember! Delivering food and medical items at home and overseas. Wherever help is needed the most – they are helping.”  – Efern4, general member of the public, Oct. 7, 2014

“This is an amazing non-profit that really cares about people. Their founder is a true humanitarian who works tirelessly to help people through many programs all over the world. I have been supporting this charity for years because of their grassroots work helping those in need.” – Bfgscott, donor, May 18, 2012

Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is now underway! The CFC is the only authorized solicitation of federal employees in their workplace on behalf of approved charitable organizations.

CRS_2013_CFC_WebAdIf you are a federal employee, please consider designating your gift to Christian Relief Services® by selecting CFC #11367. 
Learn more about our valuable programs helping our those who need help the most in America and internationally. Or email us for more information.

Not a federal employee? Please help by forwarding this email to your family, friends and colleagues that work for the federal government.

Thank you for your continued support!

School Supplies
Providing School Supplies in Appalachia. PLEASE HELP

Providing School Supplies in Appalachia through our project Americans Helping Americans in Appalachia. PLEASE HELP

Believe it or not, the school year will begin soon and reservation children face incredible challenges just preparing for the start of school.

Notebooks, pens, pencils, other school supplies and hygiene items are expensive and reservation families must drive long distances to buy them. Few can afford the gas or the school supplies themselves.

In addition to needing school supplies, children from these economically depressed areas are in desperate need of new clothes, shoes, socks, coats…etc.

“I will never forget the shame I felt as a little sixth grade boy having to wear my sister’s blouse to school because we just didn’t have one more piece of boys’ clothing for me. Imagine the embarrassment a little guy would endure wearing a girl’s shirt to the first day of school.”  – Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist and National Spokesperson, Running Strong for American Indian Youth®


Providing School Supplies to Children on Indian Reservations. PLEASE HELP TODAY!

Providing School Supplies to Children on Indian Reservations through our project Running Strong for American Indian Youth. PLEASE HELP TODAY!

Please help make the 2014-15 school year a happy time, a time to learn and grow. Please provide children with the “tools” they need to help them with their lessons. 

“Not having basic school supplies, warm clothing, and hygiene items adds to the cycle of desperation and lack of self-esteem these children suffer each day.”

Our goal is to be able to provide over 5,000 school supply kits to elementary school students and over 3,000 school supply kits to Jr. High students. Our dedicated local staff and volunteers will lovingly distribute backpacks filled with school supplies just before school starts. But in order to meet our goal, we need your help!

Remember, these school supply kits and winter coats are visual reminders each day to these special kids that someone cares.

$9.22 provides an Elementary School child a new backpack filled with:

200 Ct. Filler Paper
24 Color Premium Crayons
Pencil Sharpener
12″ Plastic Ruler (English and Metric)
1 Glue Stick
1 Pair 5″ Blunt Tip Scissors
1 70 Ct. Spiral Notebook
2 Black Pens
#2 Pencils – 12 pack

$16.29 provides a Jr. High or High School student with a new 18″ backpack is filled with:

300 Ct. Filler Paper
12 Colored Pencils
Pencil Sharpener
12″ Plastic Ruler (English and Metric)
2 Yellow Highlighters
#2 Pencils – 12 Pack
3 Ring Pencil Pouch
2 70 Ct. Spiral Notebooks
2 pocket portfolio folders
8 Digit Pocket Size Calculator w/ Flip Cover
Semi-circle 6″ Protractor
2 Yellow Highlighters

Urgent Help Needed


Health care workers who are frequently in close contact with victims of the virus are at most risk.

Our health care partner in Sierra Leone – Faith Healing Development Organization – has urgently requested personal protection suits and equipment for their four clinics in Rokel, Bo, Bunumbu, and Kenema.

Our project, Bread and Water for Africa® has already RUSH air freighted two pallets of 800 personal protection suits and equipment to the clinics.

We must send more…we need your urgent response to this appeal.

Please send your EMERGENCY CONTRIBUTION today!  donate now


Summer Camp Feeds ChildrenWhile many elementary school-aged children can’t wait for the summer months when school is out to be able to play all day, go swimming and perhaps have a nice vacation with their families, for many low-income children on free- and reduced-lunches programs, it can be a time of hunger. That’s why our project Americans Helping Americans® in Applalachia partners with numerous organizations in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia with our Summer Food Program.

This summer alone, we are providing a total of 46,000 sandwiches to six of our partner organizations. And no, these aren’t bologna or tuna fish sandwiches served cold, but bacon, egg and cheese, southwest chicken and vegetable, creamy chicken and vegetable and even a sausage pizza sandwich served piping hot from the microwave – likely the only hot meal the child will receive that day.

Working with a vendor which specializes in developing nutritious meals for food banks and non-profits across the country, Christian Relief Services’ project Americans Helping Americans® in Appalachia is able to provide the summer food for the children in the most affordable way possible. For the kids, however, the best thing about the sandwiches is simply that they taste good.

Please help us feed children this summer!


In June, 800 families living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota received dry food boxes from our project Running Strong for American Indian Youth®! Usually we send frozen food boxes, but in the hot summer months it is difficult to unload the frozen boxes before they melt in the South Dakota sun. To solve this problem we are trying out the dry boxes this summer.

If they are successful, we are hoping to send more food boxes like them in August, with your support! Every box includes nutritious foods to feed one family, like spaghetti and meatballs, cooking oil, rice, and dry beans.

Camp Appalachia

Appalachian parents often work full-time, low-paying jobs throughout the year leaving children unsupervised in the summer months when school is out. Our summer camps provide the children with a safe environment and healthy meals they may not normally receive at home alone. Our camps often also provide the children with clothing, new shoes, and other assistance if they are in need of it.

Did you know 77% of Appalachian children go without three meals a day? When school is out in Appalachia – the free or reduced school lunches end too.

Our summer camps ensure underprivileged Appalachian children receive a nutritious meal each day at camp.

Children are also provided a safe and healthy environment, rather than being left unsupervised at home while their parents are at work. Read some stories from a summer camp we support…

“One eight-year-old boy from the low income housing apartments had some serious anger and anti-social behaviors. After spending three weeks at camp with caring adults over the summer, and receiving lots of one-on-one attention, he was finally able to trust others and even helped other children with their crafts.”

camp“A 13-year-old boy (from the same housing project) came to camp with thorns in his bag—he knew he wasn’t allowed to bring a knife, but evidently he thought he might need to protect himself, so he brought thorns. All day long he kept the bag with him. After being paired up with a counselor one-on-one, by the end of the last day he had relaxed enough to put the bag down and have fun.”

“Many of the children were very hungry—we fed them breakfast, lunch, and sometimes two snacks. After they figured out that it was okay to ask for seconds, they ate hungrily, sometimes having three helpings.”

“And then there was the pool! The children kept asking, “Will we go to the pool today?” It was such a highlight for them! There, a counselor played catch with a boy who hadn’t opened up at all, and whose parents were both in prison. Some of the older girls enjoyed watching the young ones in the shallow end (with a counselor nearby). On rainy days we constructed a slip ‘n’ slide out of tarps, using baby shampoo and baby oil for extra slickness. What a blast! These children smiled, laughed, and rested secure that there were adults in the world who cared for them and wanted their best—if only for a few weeks.”

Submitted by Cumberland Mountain Outreach in KY


Father's Day
Father's Day

Eugene (Gene) Krizek, Founder and Volunteer Spokesperson for Americans Helping Americans,® with wife and sons.

Although I only had my father for 15 short years before he passed away, I am blessed that he taught me his valuable lessons of love and respect for family, for God and my country which I have passed on to my sons and grandchildren.

During this Father’s Day celebration, I would like to thank all the outstanding fathers who we are honored to work with every year here at Americans Helping Americans® and to ask you to remember the important men in your life by making a gift to Americans Helping Americans® as a tribute to them.

By thanking them for all they have done for you, your contribution will go toward programs that help fathers throughout the county working to keep their families healthy and happy.

Honor the special men in your life by making a donation in their name to help fellow Americans in need. You can make your gift online today by going to our new website: www.HelpingAmericans.org.

Thank you for making a donation to Americans Helping Americans® in your father’s honor on this Father’s Day.

God Bless America,


Eugene L. Krizek, USAF Colonel (Ret.)
Founder of Christian Relief Services and Volunteer Spokesperson for project Americans Helping Americans® in Appalachia


For 28 years, The Rev. C. Thomas (“Tom”) Holliday served as a dedicated member of the Christian Relief Services’ Board of Directors and later, on that of  its parent organization, the Christian Relief Services Charities board of directors.

“It was my honor in this past century, beginning in 1986, to have been asked by Gene Krizek to join with him to serve on the first Board of Directors of Christian Relief Services” said Holliday.

But at the board meeting on April 12, 2014, Rev. Holliday announced that he had decided the time has come for him to take his leave as a member of the board of this wonderful organization.

“Early on,” Holliday wrote in his letter announcing his retirement, “it was my privilege to have joined Gene and others on a visit to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and see the work being done there.” During his long tenure on the board he was also able to travel to Kenya on behalf of Christian Relief Services with his wife, Susan Goff, also an Episcopal minister and now Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, to visit the orphanage run by Phyllis Keino. He was pleased to bring back the report that led to the purchase and donation of the first tractor for the new Baraka Farm, to help what became the Lewa Children’s Home become more self-sufficient by providing healthy food for the children and an income by selling produce, milk, cheese, yogurt and meat to the community.

Holliday had nothing but praise for those he worked with on behalf of Christian Relief Services Charities over the years singling out for special praise, former board member, Jan Mansfield, and current board members, C.B. Richardson and Jim O’Brien.

“I simply cannot say enough about the contributions of those who have given far more of themselves to this organization than I,” he said. “Nor is that my role, except that it is important to me to make such acknowledgement.”

Holliday also credited the leadership and staff with making it what it has become today, and developing its reputation and record of laudable service.

“I am aware that organizations such as this, with the outstanding, selfless and committed staff we have, don’t just happen; such a core of people don’t come together, absent the caring direction and oversight of outstanding, selfless and committed leaders of uncommon integrity,” he said.

“I thank all of you for the honor of having been a member of this team for these 28 years,” Holliday said. “God bless you all, and may the good work of Christian Relief Services and (the parent organization) Christian Relief Services Charities continue to thrive in the years to come.”

Rev. Holliday will be missed.  He was a dedicated volunteer for 28 years.