In hard-hit places like Beattyville, Kentucky, it’s not uncommon for Sherry Lanham, director of the Lee County Family Resource Center (LCFRC), located in the town’s elementary school, to see students walking into the building wearing ill-fitting worn out hand-me-down shoes in the middle of winter

In her office closet, she keeps dozens of pairs of shoes in many sizes and colors on hand provided through our Barefeet Program for situations just like that.

In many cases, the shoes are the first brand-new pair all their own that the student has ever received.

Most Americans do not consider a pair of shoes a “luxury” item, but for some families, it is an unaffordable luxury when there are bills that must be paid and food put on the table – especially when there is a “perfectly good” pair to hand down from an older sibling or even parent.

This year, we will be distributing a total of 1,800 pairs of shoes to the LCFRC and our partners in West Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia, but we need your he


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“This is an amazing non-profit that really cares about people. Their founder is a true humanitarian who works tirelessly to help people through many programs all over the world. I have been supporting this charity for years because of their grassroots work helping those in need.” – Bfgscott, donor, May 18, 2012

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Faith Based CommunitiesWe at Christian Relief Services appreciate all that you do in your local community. You really are on the frontline caring for peoples’ spiritual and physical wellbeing.

If your church (or perhaps a special group in your church such as amen’s group, women’s group, or youth group) is looking for new ministry opportunities, you may want to consider partnering with Christian Relief Services. By partnering with Christian Relief Services, you will be working with an organization with over 25 plus years of experience providing help to those who need it most. Please note, that we are a non-denominational organization that does not try in any way to convert people. Instead, we believe it is our organization’s calling to fulfill the Biblical mandate to help the poor and needy across the world.

If you are interested in partnering with Christian Relief Services or would like more information, please take a moment to email us the following information at

  • Name of Church/Religious organization Address (include street, town, city, state, zip, telephone number and email address)
  • Name of specific ministry at your church (e.g. Youth Group, Social Justice Group)
  • Specific program area you would like to partner with (Appalachian, African, American Indian)
  • Are there areas of concern that you would like to concentrate on (safe water, Holiday meals, home repairs, heat)?
  • Are there multiple areas in which you would like to work? 

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