What YOU helped us Accomplish in 2013 in Africa:

Bread and Water for Africa

Orphan Care:

  • 220 orphaned children at Lewa Children’s Home were provided with food, health care and education. (Kenya)
  • Over 650 people have benefited from Shinga’s orphan feeding, education, and vocational training programs. (Zimbabwe)
  • Over 400 children and workers benefited annually from the income generated by the Lewa Children’s Home Guest House, started in Fiscal Year 2012. (Kenya)

Heath Care:

  • Over 37,000 patients benefitted from 201,610 Rehydration Salt Packets, which were sent to the Faith Healing Development Organization for their five clinics in response to the Sierra Leone cholera epidemic. (Sierra Leone)
  • Over 25,000 patients received quality medical treatment as well as educational services at the Haramaya University Hospital. (Ethiopia)
  • Over 3,200 Cameroonians benefitted from donations of medical supplies, hygiene items, and school materials to the Hope Services International Program. (Cameroon)


  • 720 Students are receiving primary and secondary school education through grants provided to the Faith Healing Development Organization, with the first class set to graduate in 2016! (Sierra Leone)
  • 389 children from the Lewa Children’s Home and the surrounding area received primary education and quality nursery care through the Kipkeino Primary School. (Kenya)
  • 159 vulnerable, local Eldoret children received financial aid for school tuition, uniforms, supplies, and other basic needs. (Kenya)