Monthly Giving Sustains Programs

Executive Director Beth Tessema loading relief items to be shipped to Shinga-Zimbabwe and Mozambique

You can make your online gift a sustaining one by choosing to give monthly.

Monthly gifts can be made through our donation page, or through donation websites such as the Network for Good and Independent Charities of America where you are able to designate a certain amount (at your discretion) to be automatically donated each month to Christian Relief Services.

These donations are integral to the success of our programs and participants in these programs are among the most important contributors to our efforts across the world.

In order to designate regular monthly donations, complete the following steps:

Go to

Type “Christian Relief Services Charities Inc.” in the field labeled “Charity Name.” If you prefer, you can also choose to donate to one of Christian Relief Services other programs (as listed in the next section of this page).

Type in the amount that you would like to donate

Designate the frequency of your donations under the “Donation Preferences” section (monthly, quarterly, annually)

Fill out the remainder of the form as instructed.

Another website through which you can make one-time, or monthly donations is: .
This website also enables tax-deductible vehicle donations. Details and instructions are available on this website.

If you’d like to get your friends and family involved in our efforts as well, why not buy them charity gift cards for their next birthday/holiday present! The website sells customizable gift cards that can be redeemed on their website to benefit the charity of your choice. To purchase a gift card, complete the following steps:

Go to

Click on the tab at the top labeled “Gift Cards”

Purchase gift card by following instructions on the website

Encourage your friends/family to redeem their gift cards online to benefit Christian Relief Services Charities! We are listed under the “Humanitarian” category on the “Charities” page.