World Water Day: A Celebration through Commitment

World Water Day

Water is Life! World Water Day is an opportunity to focus on the critical role that freshwater has in our lives and on the fact that so many people around the world STILL do not have access to it.

This precious resource plays a significant role in:

Nourishment – particularly in children under-5

  • Many infant formulas require clean freshwater for mixing in order to treat malnourished and/or abandoned children in our projects in Haiti and Africa.

world-water-webDisease Prevention

  • Cholera, diarrhea, intestinal worms, and malaria are just a few of the many life-threatening diseases caused by drinking water containing bacteria or water that is used by animals and humans for bathing. One of our most recent efforts was to provide chlorinators for safe, clean water to our partners in Haiti in response to their 2012 cholera epidemic.


  • Many families throughout Africa are limited to the amount of water they can transport home in buckets from the water wells that might be located miles away. In times of serious drought, it is not rare for a family to only have one bucket to share for a day – rather than prioritizing water usage for sanitation or bathing, a family will likely use it for cooking or drinking instead.


  • Clinics are nearly inoperable without water access – think about the many treatments or medications that require water! We have been lucky enough to partner with clinics in Sierra Leone and support their efforts to provide each emergency clinic with an onsite water well.


  • Without easily accessible water sources, children often must travel alone for miles to the nearest water well and then back home. This puts them at an incredible risk for attack and other unknown dangers on the route.

At Christian Relief Services, water inspired one of our first projects when it was identified as the primary concern on American Indian reservations in South Dakota in 1987. Since then, it has been an inherent consideration in all of our goals and projects. We know that you also care about freshwater access for all and hope you’ll spend the month of March committing to being advocates for World Water Day! Here are a few ways you can advocate for the accessibility of this most basic need:

  • water1Be conscious of your own water consumption! This website has 100 ways to save water this month – do you have any ways to conserve that aren’t on this list? Let us know!
  • Share your knowledge with those around you. As the saying goes: “Knowledge is power!” Empower your friends and families to be water advocates!
  • Check out the United Nations World Water Day main website to find out more about the history of World Water Day and ways to be involved in the movement.

Commit to sustainable change by signing up for a monthly gift to Christian Relief Services‘ to support our projects and programs that offer a water supply and basic resources to those in need worldwide. Because water advocacy should be celebrated as a year-round holiday!