Where We Helped in 2011


Princess a two-year old from Sierra Leone wearing her new dress

Christian Relief Services’ mission is to assist in the alleviation of human suffering by advancing and improving the welfare of all persons and the international community while preserving native cultures, heritages, customs and beliefs.

Christian Relief Services’ goal is to provide funding for services including housing for homeless Americans and food for veterans, and donated goods to communities striving to break the stranglehold of poverty in order to achieve their own sustainable solutions. Many communities within the United States and throughout the world suffer for a lack of basic infrastructure services — clean water, medicine, education, and housing. We work closely with affiliates, partner charities, individuals, churches and non-government organizations in targeted communities to determine effective ways of sharing resources and creating long-term solutions.

In fiscal year 2011, Christian Relief Services spent a total of $17,464,516 in supporting services in the United States and overseas.

International Relief Programs

Haitian children receiving food and medical care

Christian Relief Services awarded cash grants and in-kind donations to our affiliate, Bread and Water for Africa®, for international efforts assisting impoverished communities in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe through grassroots initiatives including clinics and hospitals, clean water, education, vocational training, literacy, and creating opportunities for development and income generation. We also shipped a 40’container of assorted medical supplies and equipment, clothing and shoes, health and school kits, Clorox cleaner to the Foundation for the Children of Haiti, valued at $422,342.56. This support is provided for a hospital, three orphanages and a primary school located near Port-au-Prince.

We were also involved in aid efforts and relief-based distribution of medical supplies, medicines, personal care items, school supplies, office and school furniture, clothing and new shoes to grassroots organizations, hospital, clinics, schools and orphanages in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Haiti. We were able to reach 86,000 individuals in need through provisions of seven containers with a combined weight of over 155,593,000 pounds — or 77.8 tons — of relief materials..

American Indian Programs

“Yay for the enzymes! Live food has to eat the dead food.” – Jaythan

Our National Spokesperson, Olympic Champion Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota), travels to native communities throughout the nation inspiring American Indian children to follow their dreams. In 2011, Christian Relief Services funded programs and provided in-kind donations such as food and clothing to our affiliate, American Indian Youth Running Strong to provide needy American Indians, mostly on reservations, with food, water, basic relief, emergency assistance, sustainable development opportunities and support services for at-risk youth and their families including programs fostering self-reliance.

In 2011, Christian Relief services provided holiday and supplemental food to four American-Indian run food pantries and youth programs with a total of 275,904 pounds of food distributed for the year in Montana and South Dakota including 6,080 turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We also provided 3,000 new winter coats, 3,264 new blankets, 2,794 pairs of new shoes, 2,857 new toys, 3,000 hygiene kits and 4,325 school supply kits to children and their families. We were able to serve over 30,000 individuals that would otherwise lack the access and means to acquire the services and resources they so desperately need.

Domestic Relief and Self-Help Programs

Food and clothing distribution to an Appalachian veteran

In addition to international projects and partnerships, Christian Relief Services also supported efforts promoting self-sufficiency throughout the United States – with special emphasis on the Appalachian Region, through our affiliate, Americans Helping Americans®, by providing emergency assistance, school supplies, new shoes, new coats, and new blankets, hygiene items, monthly and supplemental food, food pantry repair, Christmas and holiday parties, home repair and assistance with youth enrichment projects.

Christian Relief Services supported outreach programs promoting concentrated relief efforts for youth and families in Arizona, Kentucky and West Virginia. We were able to serve over 3,000 individuals by providing funding and partnership to our affiliate, Americans Helping Americans, to continue their much-needed work in rural areas of Appalachia and in urban programs assisting very low-income people with emergency assistance, home repair, school supplies, enrichment camps and services for youth and life skills training.

We made food and relief distributions, including holiday and supplemental food, to families in the Appalachian Region of Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Christian Relief Services also supported various community-based efforts in the District of Columbia and Virginia. A total of 134,565 pounds of food were distributed including 6,089 turkeys for holidays. We also provided 1,920 blankets, 2,032 new coats, 2,741 toys, 2,040 new shoes, 1,916 hygiene kits and 1,600 school supply kits, as well as various miscellaneous need-based relief and hygiene items, serving over 23,000 individuals.

Affordable Housing

Christian Relief Services works to address the need for housing options by operating affordable housing units where individuals and families can live within their means, as well as within commuting distance from their workplace — in jobs that we are often able to help them attain!

07-Housing-generalSupportive Housing

Christian Relief Services and our affiliate, Christian Relief Services of Virginia, own and operate 102 units throughout Fairfax County, Virginia providing homeless individuals and families with transitional housing and support services.

While Christian Relief Services makes the housing possible, the following local and non-profit and government agencies collaborate with us providing over a dozen human service programs to get folks the direct services and transitional support possible: New Hope Housing, Shelter House, Alternative House, Volunteers of America Chesapeake, Americans Helping Americans, Friends of Guest House, and the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board. Each of these organizations provides expertise based upon individual agency mission and service delivery focus. This expertise may range from mental health and/or substance abuse treatment or aftercare, recovery from domestic violence, or the acquisition of employment and/or educational qualifications.

In 2011, we provided transitional housing up to 24 months with case management and supportive services for homeless individuals in 45 units under our Homes for the Homeless program in Northern Virginia. This program provided 46 single adults and 38 families (including 40 adults and 78 children) with safe and affordable housing. Further, through its partnerships with the Fairfax County Housing Locator Network, a collaborative of Good Shepherd Housing and the Fairfax County Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, Homes for the Homeless successfully transitioned 10 single adults and 12 families into permanent housing. For Christian Relief Services it’s about more than providing a roof — it’s about providing hope, respect and tools for the future.

faithlgGrant Funding

Christian Relief Services awarded a cash grant of $315,005 to Wasser Und Brot Fur Afrika to grow and financially support their administrative and fundraising infrastructure. Wasser Und Brot Fur Afrika, a German charity supporting local grassroots initiatives in Africa in creating and sustaining programs to help African children and families in the areas of health care, orphan care, education and other critical needs.

In the United Kingdom, we provided a grant of $95,500 to University Hospital in London, which developing a simple diagnostic test that will provide diagnostic information to Oncologists within days rather than weeks. This test would enable the design of a more effective and quicker treatment protocol to lessen the pain often associated with cancer treatment and to increase the success rate of treatment.

“Your donation is contributing immensely to alleviate the suffering of the masses. This assistance will create a lasting impact on the lives of children yet born.” Rev. Francis A.M. Mambu, Founder/Executive Director Faith Healing Development Ogranization, Sierra Leone